Many people visit the UK for study, job and sightseeing purposes. The rest of the people love to get UK visas, but they must follow the proper plan. The most important thing is getting a UK visa, but you must fulfill the requirements. Having a visa to complete your dream of education in the UK is essential. However, applying for a UK student visa for first-timers is a daunting task. Thus, the counselor at 7 Sky Consultancy will guide you properly. Make sure to contact them.

Why Choose Study Goals in the UK?

The United Kingdom is a common destination for students from Pakistan. Yes, this land is the home of the best universities from all over the world. Here are some reasons to have a bright future in the UK.

• The UK accepts large students for the study visa.
• For Pakistanis, UK visa requirements are lenient.
• The students have experienced different cultures.
• For students, the UK is a cheap country.
• Students will enjoy the best standard of education.
• Pakistani students are also allowed to do part-time jobs by having a study visa tenure.
• Every student gets 2 years of a work visa after completing the study.

Step By Step Guidelines for Achieving UK Visa

Congratulations, after a long determination and hard work, you will Study in UK . But make sure to keep all things and paperwork ready before packing your bags. So, follow these steps and have a better guideline about the study visa from Pakistan to the UK. Essential Conditions for Student Visa.

Do EU students need a visa?

Of course, EU students never need to get a visa for the UK. However, you may consult with the agents.

Do Non-EU Students need a visa?

If you live outside the European Union, you should apply for a study visa. Thus, the students can apply for two kinds of visas. You can pick the one that suits your needs and the duration of the study program.

What are Simple Types of the UK Visa for Students?

Are you applied for the UK institution? Get accepted? Of course, you have a CAS number that is extremely useful for visa applications. So, get knowledge about the two types of visas for Study in UK.

Student Visitor Visa

If you choose a short course, you are eligible for a short-term study visa. The students can enter the UK and stay in the country for at least 6 months.

Student Tier 4 Visa

If you have a longer than six months course, you can apply for a Tier 4 visa. But you need a sponsor license from a UK university.

When and Where to Apply for the UK Visa?

There are two options for applying for UK Study Visa . The first is to apply at the UK embassy, and the second is to apply online at the UK official website.

Apply for Online Visa Application

You can pick any visa and fill out the online form. You can apply through an agent or directly on the UK website. However, you might need to submit pictures and fingerprints on your visa application. Go for applying visa application before three months to travel to the UK. In the application form, you need to provide these personal details:

• Nationality
• Surname or real name
• Passport Number
• Country where you reside
• Personal number
• Marital status
• Reason to enter the United Kingdom
• Many other details
• Make sure to provide the exact and accurate information that complies with all documents

What Requirements for English Knowledge?

The students should have better knowledge of English when applying for a UK visa. Usually, they need to pass a specific English test. Of course, every student must have to read, write, listen and speak English fluently according to the level of study. Every University has different English requirements. Maybe you get interviewed by a UKVI officer to complete a visa application process.

The money you need to Support your Financial Condition

Course fees

The students must have enough money to survive and support in the UK. You need to have enough money to complete a course for up to 9 months. But if you are going on a valid visa, students never need to provide proof of money.

Support Yourself Financially

If you have a valid visa for 12 months, you must show money to survive in the country. So, keep extra money and enjoy your time in the UK. What Important Documents Do You Need?

For the UK Study Visa application, you need to submit.

• CAS number
• Passport Information
• Details for financial support like course fees
• English language courses
• Passport size pictures
• Sponsor’s details and bank statements

After submission of these details, you have to wait for 3 weeks. Good luck with your future. Don’t forget to consult with a counselor at Grace Education.